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Matt Tolfrey's Ultimate Downtempo Slow Burners

Matt Tolfrey’s Ultimate Downtempo Slow Burners
David Beamson

Born in the UK, raised in Bahrain and now found in clubs across the world week in week out, Matt Tolfrey has been a fixture of the global dance scene since arriving on Crosstown Rebels back in 2005. Probably best known as the boss of highly successful label, Leftroom Records, which recently celebrated it’s 10th anniversary, the DJ and producer has seen praise rain in from all corners of the electronic music world, not least from Seth Troxler who’s words simply state “Matt Tolfrey, the last great British DJ”. Well, thanks Seth…?

With a style that encompasses a mix of dark, off kilter sounds with energetic packed rhythm, and collaborations with some of the biggest in the game including Marshall Jefferson and James Teej, Tolfrey has continued to demonstrate just why he is still at the forefront of the house and techno world year in, year out.

2016 sees a busy start for Tolfrey with his recent Oxytocin EP on No.19 Music, and appearances at The BPM Festival and Leftroom’s label night at Schallplatz already in the books.

Once away from the atmosphere and energy of the club setting, Matt has something of a passion for downtempo laid-back rollers and here he’s provided us with five of his faves. So sit back, relax and enjoy five exceptional tracks selected by the Leftroom head honcho.

Deadbeat feat Fink – Ain’t No More Flowers

Deadbeat is one of my favourite artists as he’s so diverse when it comes to making music. You never really know what you’re going to get, and his live show is great. He’s the perfect man for making albums, and this track is taken from Walls and Dimensions that was out last year. This is one of my favourite dub records at the moment, as the vocal is so infectious.

Theo Parrish & Andrew Ashong – Flowers

What can you say about Theo Parrish that hasn’t been said already? This is a track I always listen to when I’m feeling down, and am chasing a smile on my face. It’s the kind of record I’ll always wish I could make, maybe one day. Similar to Deadbeat, he has the ability to make downtempo chilled tracks, to techno monsters, so he is really someone who inspires me as an artist. The live bass guitar in this track is so amazing, has got me thinking about buying a bass guitar again as I used to play as a teenager.

Nightmare’s On Wax – Les Nuits

I’m gonna put myself out there and say that this is probably my favourite record of all time, definitely from George. I’ll never got bored of it, and whenever I play it to anyone they ask me what it is. It evolves so fluidly, and I can imagine it is the best record to smoke to!!! It has so much emotion in it, it can really take you to a place where you are not thinking about anything but the track you are listening to. It is also part of my favourite album from Nightmares on Wax ‘Carboot Soul.’ And he’s written some pretty incredible albums to date…

Rae & Christian ft. Veba – Spellbound

I got into Rae & Christian while I was at university in Nottingham, and we used to go and see them play all the time. The whole Grand Central crew are amazing and their music is so perfect for their own situations. Once again, the vocal really touches you somewhere, and it really relaxes me. If your going to buy the Northern Sulphuric Soul album, make sure you get the new mastered version as there are three next tracks on there that are amazing, that didn’t feature on the original.

Schmoov! – Playground

We used to go and see Schmoov every week at a bar called Dogma when I lived in Nottingham, and they are an incredible live band, that really pull it off on stage. So much so I know they toured with Groove Armada in their hey day. This for me is the stand out track on their album ‘While You Wait’ that came out on DIY in 2001. If you haven’t checked this band out, then make sure you do. I really wish they carried on and made some more music. All the samples from the album are from around Nottingham, and it really takes me back to my uni years. I often loop the intro of this track with all the children talking in the park just to play with everyone’s minds a bit.

Grab Matt’s Oxytocin EP, out now on No.19 Music.