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Jack Smith

Traversing the murky depths of minimal 170 with a sound that radiates sparse anger and ominous forebode comes Survey, a Berlin-based duo who have proved their production mettle with only a handful of releases to date on some of the scene’s finest ‘left-field’ labels including Bios Recordings, IM:LTD and Protect Audio. Coming correct with their second single on the latter, ‘Away’ / ‘Delirium’ combines razor-sharp percussive elements with bleak, intriguing soundscapes to find that perfect balance between style and substance. We caught up with Stephan and Hardy who gave us their Five Essentials, five tracks that have helped shape their musical journey whether old or new.


DJ Krush – Yeah

Classic Krush, our introduction to deep music.

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Source Direct – The Crane

Timeless, one of the best DnB tracks ever made.

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Boards of Canada – A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

Hardy: This EP, especially the title track and ‘’Amo Bishop Rhoden’’ take me back to a beautiful and exciting time of change that I had in my life. I was listening to Boards of Canada a lot during this time.

[youtube_sc url=”” modestbranding=”1″]


King Geedorah aka MF Doom – Fazers

The incomparable flow of Doom combined with a fat beat and great sampling.

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Claro Intelecto – Second Blood

Stephan: What a tune, this one will never let me go…

[youtube_sc url=”” modestbranding=”1″]


Survey – ‘Away’ / ‘Delirium’ is out Monday 26th August on Protect Audio.