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UE.24: Chet Matuto

UE.24: Chet Matuto
Jack Smith

Every so often you stumble across a track that has you scrambling for an ID on contact. That track for me a few weeks ago was Zurich-based Chet Matuto‘s ‘Mund Rethink’ (via Lek‘s consistently quality podcast series) – cinematic 170 ambience of the very highest order. We got in touch soon after and Chet was more than happy to jump on board for an interview and the twenty-fourth in our podcast series – made up entirely of original, unreleased Chet Matuto material. Expecting big things from this fantastic new artist.. Happy listening!


Chet Matuto – FvH

Chet Matuto – Mund Rethink

Chet Matuto – Phil Dick

Chet Matuto – Fireman

Chet Matuto – Summilux

Chet Matuto – Rebels

Chet Matuto – Omox

Chet Matuto – Solate

Chet Matuto – Kisum

Chet Matuto – Marie



So, first things first. Who are you and where are you from? 

Hi Jack, thanks for the opportunity. I make music under the name Chet Matuto and live in Zurich.

What was the inspiration behind the name Chet Matuto?

I love Chet Baker. Probably thats where Chet comes from 😉 Matuto is my secret.

How would you describe the music you make?

Good question. Don’t know yet. I am going through the learning curve of how to translate my ideas. My beats are based around 170 bpm as I find this tempo to be versatile and offers so many possibilities. I would say my music is deep and melodic, but to be honest I’d rather leave it up to the listener to judge… For the mix I chose more ambient tunes.

Talk us through your journey into music production. Where did it all begin for you so to speak? 

Music production started in the basement of my parents home where I started a punk band with my mate Chris (Broken Promise – CX digital). Some years later we went into electronic music – NuJazz for a while then mostly just DnB. Around that time I started using Reason for the first time. I never finished any tunes and then all of a sudden I moved to Dublin and didn’t produce for a while. 2 years ago Chris inspired me and brought me back to music production. I learnt to finish tunes and we sent a couple of them to the CX/Cylon camp and both Loxy and Reza played them in podcasts shortly after. That gave me the motivation to finish many more tunes and we still we play in our Punk band from time to time, or better from year to year.

Is your setup predominantly software or hardware-based, or somewhere in between?

Somewhere inbetween. I like to jam with analog gear, record it then arrange it in Logic. A lot of digital stuff I route through analog chains.

You’re set to release a couple of tunes on Clear Conceptions‘ new VA LP entitled Ubiquity in the near future. How did you become aligned with NotioN and the label?

I sent Dave some tunes and it started from there. That whole LP is great with some quality artists and I really appreciate Dave’s drive to realise it.

Where can people hear more of your work?

I will put some more tunes in the future on my Soundcloud. I will have a collaborative release with Dominic Ridgway on Urban Poetry Records and some other bits forthcoming. There is a lot in pipeline this year 😉

Are you playing out anywhere soon?

Hopefully soon on our cool soundsystem in our rehersal room 😉 Others not planned yet.

Any words of wisdom for our readers?

Less talk, more rock.

And finally, what is the one ‘Urban Essential’ you couldn’t live without?

The soother for my little son and my mobile phone.