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UE.33: CJ Weaver | Urban Essence

UE.33: CJ Weaver | Urban Essence
Jack Smith

Let’s cast our minds back to a time when a certain popular music streaming website wasn’t digging its own grave or Public Enemy No. 1. It was one of those random Soundcloud b2b Football Manager sinkhole escapades that truly paid off. Click click click in the dead of night some four or five years ago. Hmm yes this sounds good – favourite / follow / suggested / rinse / repeat as the scour for music continues. I feel we have Diffrent Music‘s Giraffecast to thank… or was it one of Loxy‘s Cylon podcasts? I am surely getting old. But lo and behold, what on earth is this beautiful marriage of breaks and bass that thrusts itself towards me? A quick track-list search pays off. Who is CJ Weaver? And what is this question mark by his name that so teases an insatiable, square-eyed yoot who demands immediate answers to patient questions. You have failed me internet. We hit that lovely follow button once more and drift away.

“DownCloud” anyone? ….. It’ll never catch on.

Flash forward some time into the still indefinable future and a quick Soundcloud refresh plugs that name again: CJ Weaver. Who is this guy and why am I following him. We hit play and a short burst of recognition precedes a flood of forgotten memories from a distant world when it was acceptable to wear longjohns and play Football Manager at university. [Cough…] What struck me most as it did then was the underlying tone that CJ threaded through not only ‘Raindrops’ but a whole host of freshly updated new material. Yes, breaks crash with abandon and stabs hint at a simpler time, but what remains after the nuts and bolts that define its sum of parts is an undeniable air of pensiveness, even desolation. Percussive aggression was fighting a losing battle against a wonderfully atmospheric personal presence and that’s no mean feat indeed.

We flash forward again to the now and imagine my surprise and delight to see a forgotten gem reappear again via the lovely James Mernagh: a package of excellence from the ever-dependable Translation Recs and a timely release of one of my personal favourite ‘lost’ tunes, bundled together of course as CJ Weaver’s latest EP FloodTeddy Prendergrass once said that life ain’t nothing but a circle, and now, well, I’m sure glad he was right… To celebrate Flood’s release we just had to get in touch, and we were lucky enough that CJ was keen to lay down his wares in the form of our thirty-third UE podcast. What an absolute pleasure to have CJ on board and a storming mix at that – we hope you enjoy too.


CJ Weaver – Scrolls – Translation
CJ Weaver – Subway – Digibeat
Hidden Agenda – Dispatch #1 – Metalheadz
Mixmaster DOC & Sinistarr – Durty- Peer Pressure
Moresounds – Blood – Astrophonica
Fanu – Dreamers Union – Lightless
CJ Weaver – Untitled
Flatliners & Mental Forces – Mt Erebus (Indidjinous Remix)
Vadav – Karma – Dubkraft
VRH – Zero – Dubkraft
Martsman – Step Up Berlin – Hotshore
Mutt – GED
Lynx & Kemo feat. Bango Collective, Dennis Jones – Apocolypse
Guant – Piranha – None60
Pawn – Your Words – Shoot
Sinistarr & Oktored – YSL – Loose Squares
Silent Dust – Love Sundered (Sinistarr Remix)
Fade – Moon Clouds & Jungle – Soulred
Profane – Bronze Verse – Inperspective
Joakim – No One – Alignment
Incognito – Smoke Signals – Proximity
War – Rafale – Dsci4
Hidden Turn – Everything – Thirtyone
CJ Weaver – Bengt – Translation


CJ Weaver – Flood EP is out now on Translation Recordings – grab yours via the label’s official Bandcamp store.