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UE.42: Jorgito

UE.42: Jorgito
Adam Tiran

Hailing from the Mexican border city of Reynosa, Jorgito makes what can only be termed deep acid. With a handful of releases on Austin based labels Whiskey Pickle Records and Bodytalk, his latest offering arrived on the latter back in October, alongside a remix from friend and collaborator Andres Aguirre – with whom he runs Compassion, a monthly night at The Side Room in Texas.

Bodytalk’s stripped back approach means there’s really not much to draw from their output purely besides what’s going down in the music. So our ears pricked up especially on hearing ‘Tierra Caliente’, an absolute peach of a track that marries angsty arpeggios with opulent pads and breathtaking trance stabs. His sound is inherently deep house, but it’s an iteration that’s rarely lacking in pace or motion.

Purely on the basis of the raw intensity in that track alone, we reached out to the young producer for a mix and we’re delighted to get some insight into the intimate, developing scene overlapping the US-Mexican border. Here, he offers up an hour of squelchy, freewheeling house and cheeky acid, presented through long blends – unafraid to build the vibe incrementally as he traverses through a range of rhythms and energies.

A notable highlight presents itself around the half way mark, when, in a deft move reminiscent of Zip, he overlays the vocals of Lou Rawls’ disco crooner ‘You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine’ over a rolling 4×4 number. The vocals drift in and out sporadically so and are just soft enough to give what should be a euphoric moment a vaguely discordant sensation.

Jorgito – Bodytalk008 is out now via Traxsource.