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Five Essentials: Borrowed Identity

Five Essentials: Borrowed Identity
John Donovan

Chameleonic Freiburg producer and DJ, Borrowed Identity first blew into prominence back in 2012 with his inaugural outing, Stimulation on Foul & Sunk. Ever since he’s built up an impressive array of releases, with the likes of Ostgut Ton, Circus Company, Quintessentials, and DVS1‘s Mistress Recordings all sitting pretty under his discographical belt.

Just as comfortable delivering bouts of stocky techno as he is dishing out dusty turns of disco, Borrowed Identity is a proven hand in taking hold of an audience and under no circumstances letting them go, a trait that belies his relative freshness on the scene.

Here he hands over Five tidy Essentials, from nosebleed techno from Johannes Heil and late ’90s M-Plant to an off-the-wall version of a Lil’ Louis classic, ahead of his appearance at Corsica Studios later this month.

Lil Louis & The Party – Clap Your Hands (Tambourine Mix)

I didn’t find a lot of house in 2015 that really has the good mood party vibe I like. There are lots of great techno records out every week but the new house stuff is mostly too deep and depressive to play at a party for my tastes. For house records I go mostly for older stuff at the moment. This here is one of my all time faves.

Johannes Heil – Scene Six

This guy is a genius. He does some of the best mixing and mastering in the scene and he is an absolute master in producing raw powerful ravey techno with soul.

Yaleesa Hall & Malin Genie – Third Lucas

This track is a real masterpiece of groove, so much love for the little details in the swing of the drumming. A real monster of a track on a good soundsystem.

Reset Robot – The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

Magical at the end of a set. I wish I would find more of these peaceful but driving techno tunes. There is too much hectic and overloaded stuff out there.

Mark Broom – Stunned (97 Mix)

The chords kind of remind me of Lil Louis – French Kiss and I love the silly trumpet. Powerful and fun vibe techno.

Borrowed Identity plays Percolate’s 2016 Launch Party alongside Juju & Jordash and Dauwd at Corsica Studios on Jan 23. Tickets & info here.