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UE.27: Philou Louzolo

UE.27: Philou Louzolo
Adam Tiran

This week’s guest mix comes from Amsterdam-based DJ/producer Philou Louzolo, who traverses 90 exquisite minutes of funk, disco, soul, groove and afrobeat.

On a recent weekend trip to the Dutch capital, myself and a few fellow boozehounds stumbled upon the best new venue the city has to offer. Pllek, a multi-purpose, high-ceilinged bar, restaurant and music space, is located in the north of the city, a short ferry ride away from the coffee shops and brown bars of Centraal, and regularly plays host to some of the city’s most talented up and coming DJs.

Philou Louzolo was one such DJ that night and his sterling selection of wax and infectious energy behind the decks set him apart. Whether spinning Parliament era funk, afrobeat or epic Gil Scott Heron live cuts, he has a knack of looking like he’s having just as much fun as the frenetic crowd in front of him.

On the production side of things, Philou draws on his Congolese, Sierra Leonian and Nigerian heritage, injecting the melodies, rhythms and percussion of rumba, highlife and afrobeat into tracks in the key of house, while his penchant for 1970s and ’80s African American soul and funk is rarely unapparent. With releases on flourishing labels from different corners of Europe including Tomorrow Is Now, Kid, Lazare Hoche, Bons Records, Major League House and TINK! Music, Philou has amassed a continental following for his funky afro-infused deep house. Here, he takes us on an exquisite journey through discerning disco, funk, boogie and soul from the depths of his record collection…

1. Patti Jo – Ain’t No Love Lost
2. Johnny King, The Fatback Band – Peace Love Not War
3. Tony Troutman – What’s The Use
4. Johnny Adams – Feel The Beat
5. Donna McGhee – Mr. Blindman
6. Ray Munnings – It Could Happen To You
7. Legacy – I’m So Glad
8. Harvey Mason – Till You Take My Love
9. Maze, Frankie Beverly – Time Is On My Side
10. Solid Gold Revue, Ray Crumley – She’s So Good
11. Split Decision Band – Watchin’ Out
12. Seegweed – Talking About
13. ….
14. Side Effect – Always There
15. Velvet Hammer – Party Down
16. Timeless Legend – I Was Born To Love You
17. Synergy, Jimmy Tillman – Can You Feel You It
18. The Power Band – Power Funk
19. G.D. & The Big J – Movin On
20. Lamar Thomas – Feel So Good Inside (Waxist Edit)
21. Bob Williams – I’m Alright
23. John Gibbs and The U.S. Steel Orchestra – Trinidad
24. ….
25. Fela Kuti – ….
26. Walter Bishop Jr – Soul Turnaround
27. Getto Kitty – Stand Up & Be Counted
28. Steve Marshall – Maintain

Philou Louzolo – Zolo Grooves is out now on TINK! Music.