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Digging Deep: Saytek

Digging Deep: Saytek
Adam Tiran

Live On Cubism Vol.3, the latest release from Joseph Keevill under his techno-fixated Saytek moniker, subverts the usual artist album approach with considerable aplomb. A twenty three-track live project as meticulous as it is unpredictable, the third of its kind on Keevill and Mark Gwinnett’s Cubism imprint explores a plethora of sounds from across the electronic landscape, laced throughout with his creative flair and innovative knack for experimentation.

A self-confessed hardware geek, Keevill incorporates an inordinate amount of equipment into not only his productions but also his live performances, a feat which has contributed to claims of “best live techno act” being bandied around. Yet what’s clear in this latest instalment is his uncanny ability to make both sonically interesting and club-worthy underground music in the face of continued recognition and achievement.

We asked Saytek to dig deep through his extensive record collection to pick out a few choice cuts that have informed the new album and his approach to production. From Squarepusher to Miles Davis, experimental’s definitely the order of the day..

Squarepusher – Papalon
This one was definitely the grower for me from the Hard Normal Daddy Album

Bob Marley – Concrete Jungle
As a teenager i loved Bob Marley and i still do to this day here is one of my favourites if its possible to pick one:

Tricky – Ponderosa
Whilst Hell Is Round The Corner is the Obvious one on Maxinquaye this was my favourite from the album.

Aphex Twin – Logan Rock Witch
This track always reminded me of being in the woods on Magic Mushrooms, Always imagined strange umpa lump like creatures dancing to it.

Jeff Mills – Every Dog Has Its Day
I personally love this period of Jeff Mills productions , jazzy melodic Detroit Techno . I bought the album on CD back in 2000 when it came out and lived with it for a while it really grew on me.

Miles Davis – Bitches Brew
Experimental and hard to listen to in my eyes this is a fore-runner to experimental electronic music , dark druggy and totally inaccessible.

THE UPSETTERS – In These Times (Dub)
This dub version is great and produced by Lee Scratch Perry who uses  early “Sampling” techniques to include cows “Mooing” and a lot of his early delay and reverb effects that have shaped a lot of the music we listen to today.

Saytek – Cubism Vol. 3 is out now.