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Five Essentials: Gantz

Five Essentials: Gantz
Jack Smith

One of the biggest exponents of that sweet, deep Dubstep sound in 2013, Turkish-born Gantz returns in 2014 with his debut on influential label Deep Medi. A sultry, lurking two-parter with brooding ambience and sub-laden goodness in equal measure, ‘Spry Sinister’ confirms just how far the fledgling producer has come since his opening foray on Box Clever back in 2012. It’s as if he’s been here all this time… Anyway, so it’s with great pleasure that we introduce Gantz’ Five Essentials and it’s a positively glowing selection indeed. Hope this brightens up your Monday as much as it has ours! Happy listening people.



Mala – Bury Da Bwoy

I always keep coming back to this tune whenever I wander off too much from the sound I have associated myself with from when I was starting out, which I think is a good natural reflex because it makes me float just high enough to experiment and bend ideas around a certain style of music without losing that connection with a certain crowd – the people who are in love with this sound like me. This tune has a specific strangeness and defines everything that’s so interesting about Mala. It is a dark piece but you can’t put your finger on what exactly makes it that way.


Autechre – See on See

I think by now I have made it clear to anyone checking out my sets or happened to see me play out that I do indeed love this piece of music. I’ve loved it straight from the very first time, “love at first sight”, but on this piece particularly that love has never faded which is strange because it usually tends to break apart pretty quickly if I instantly love a piece of music. I can’t say too much about it, but I do love a very specific type of harmonic colour and this hits the perfect spot. It’s my shit.


Martin Stig Andersen – Limbo Soundtrack (Menu)

This is a game that i’m still yet to finish, an offspring of a new era in game making where independent artists/thinkers/game-makers take control and prove to everyone that in order to create something beautiful you don’t have to have a jackass trying to control your outburst of imagination with monetary promises. It’s just a big fuck you to the middleman between games and players who have been exploiting everything that makes a free society ‘free’ and showing them that they are not actually needed. I don’t know why or how but this piece of music from Limbo’s startup menu triggered that feeling of hope in a creative society. It’s also delicious.


Jacaszek – VI

This piece of musical insanity is what I’ve been coming back to for years now. This is from an album called Pentral, I think it’s the second LP of Polish genius Jacaszek, done by recording the interior of a big church with microphones and loads of vision. The album to me follows a vague storyline if you get into it enough, and if you do, VI is where you get punched in the guts. This piece is where the idea of sonic contrast clicked in my head as a form of musical expression and I have been exploring it with my lousy way of doing things ever since.


El Mahdy Jr – Phantomatik

It’s just one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever heard in my life. It punched me back into the essence of making music just when I was being a prick and getting too technical about making beats.


Gantz – Spry Sinister / Rising is out now on DEEP MEDi.