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Preview: Wen - Signals LP (Keysound)

Preview: Wen – Signals LP (Keysound)
Adam Tiran

As the gritty, urban sounds of neo-grime continue to reach new heights in the UK landscape through the ascendancy of the inheritors of the proto-dubstep style, the music and its proponents have continued to defy the commonplace expectation of its limited shelf-life.

Owen Darby, aka Kent-based producer Wen, has played an important role as part of that successorship and has been responsible for some of the most intriguing, bass-laden beatsmithery in recent years.

Long-time champion of the London sound, Blackdown has quickly signed Wen up to his reliably experimental label Keysound Recordings and the good news is we’re soon to be graced with a full length album, Signals, from the young producer (which is sounding particularly crisp, we must say).

For a taste, Keysound have released the opener from the LP, Intro (Family), a typically spooky and sparse cut that features the chopped samples of one of grime’s most distinctive voices, Durrrty Goodz, which you can stream below:

With the rise to prominence of producers like Wen, Visionist and the whole movement surrounding Loefah‘s Swamp 81 Records, it’s fair to say the dark, brooding sounds that characterize this scene still hold relevance and resonance for much of the contemporary generation of young urbanites living in the UK.

Keep your eyes on the Keysound Facebook page for more details.