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Five Essentials: Logos

Five Essentials: Logos
Jack Smith

One of the biggest exponents of guttural aggression at 130 BPM in 2013, Keysound have always veered engagingly away from the usual confines of the rather derivative ‘bass music’ monicker, and its latest solo artist LP from London-based Logos conforms (or in-conforms) to that definition with considerable aplomb. At once both exhilaratingly ‘retro’ and hauntingly sparse, Cold Mission’s raison d’être is largely unquantifiable in comparison with the skeletal analog nature of his prior work with longtime collaborator and Keysound regular Mumdance. Rather than anti-climactic per se, the first act’s pressure-cooker never reaches its climax after a series of relentless builds and audiophilic intricacies. That is, until ‘Seawolf’ and “Wut It Do’s unrelenting workout rebalances the books, and the visceral grime we know Logos for spills forth as we move towards the album’s finale. This double-edged sword – one half concept album, the other club-orientated danger – is certainly a bold statement of intent and a refreshing departure from the recent, brazen ‘future jungle’ aesthetic sweeping through the scene of recent times. Equal parts 808 pressure, static-laced anger and insular experimentation, Cold Mission is personal and daring with an Aphex Twin-esque aural clarity and strength in its own belief. So it’s with great pleasure that we introduce Logos himself to give us his Five Essentials: the five key tracks that have most informed his approach to music and production.



Submissive Element – Tex-97

Forgotten cybernetic dub from Digital. The pinnacle of his 1990s productions?

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Egyptrixx – Ax//s

“Metal Machine Music”

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Rabit – Sun Showers [Forthcoming Dyskotopia]

What can I say about Rabit apart from he is out in the front, in a world of his own.

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PiL – Careering (live on the Old Whistle Test)

One of the best bands from the post-punk era performing one of their best songs. Chris Petit’s “The Psalm Killer” in death-disco form…Annie Nightingale has it right “that is the most powerful performance I’ve ever seen…”

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Reinforced Records – NYE 1992 @ Lazerdrome

Standard inspiration for any Mumdance & Logos studio session.

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Logos – Cold Mission is out 18th Nov on Keysound Recordings.