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PREVIEW: Universal Appearance - Clear Your Mind (ULM004)

PREVIEW: Universal Appearance – Clear Your Mind (ULM004)
Adam Tiran

The next release from budding electronica label Universal Language Music has been scheduled for December and is set to cement their status as one of the year’s most intriguing new imprints.

ULM was set up earlier this year by London-based Myronn Deye, under the guise of Universal Appearance, as an outlet solely for his own downtempo and techno productions. Formerly producing spacious drum & bass and ambient electronica as DiamonD EyE, this new endeavour has seen Deye drop the tempo slightly as he explores his long-term appreciation for the dubbier sounds of Detroit and Berlin.

Released in September, the Outward EP traversed the boundaries of blissfully melodic 4×4 in Deep Love and subtle, atmospheric techno in Outward, displaying clear influences of the laidback tendencies of Boards of Canada and Royksopp.

The Clear Your Mind EP, the fourth installment in the series, looks set to build on those foundations with another solid four track EP, featuring the subdued downtempo stylings of Motion and a clear homage to the likes of Mark Ernestus in the echo-laden Clear Your Mind, with previews of the other two tracks still to come. In these, as in prior releases, Deye shows he is clearly of the opinion to let the instruments do the talking, opting only to supplement the masterfully curated harmonies with the occasional haunting chant.

Ultimately, the music is warm, genuinely compelling electronica perfect for those long after-hours sessions, though far from out of place in the club. ULM004 is out in early December from all the usual digital stores.