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Five Essentials: Amoss

Five Essentials: Amoss
Jack Smith

To celebrate the launch and first release on the new Melbourne-based Plasma Collaborative imprint, we welcome Amoss to the fold with a new round of Five Essentials. It’s a pretty damn weighty selection as you might expect… Big ups to Andy and James, and to all the Plasma crew for a storming debut single.




Amon Tobin – Foley Room

This whole LP record has been a massive inspiration to pretty much every way I hear sound. I’d heard a lot of ‘foley’ music, musique concrete and all that, but this record really changed everything. Not only is Amon’s sound selection and manipulation incredible, the pieces of music he creates from them is astounding. There’s no gimmick like so much other music that is in the same vein, this is true, involving and thought provoking music.


dBridge – Bellini

When I first got into mixing this was one of the first tracks I got. Although I originally got it for ‘True Romance’, when I listened to Bellini on the flip I changed my mind very quickly. Since then I’ve always made sure to listen to B-side’s to make sure I’m not missing anything!


Noisia – Concussion/The Tide

This 12” is the definition of madness. Before I used to mix I’d sit in James’ bedroom listening to him play these tracks. I wasn’t really sold on Drum & Bass at that stage, still firmly a metalhead, but the energy in the drums and basslines made me take notice. We played ‘The Tide’ at a festival last summer and it was an incredible moment and brought back a lot of nostalgia!




Noisia – Block Control

This was the first track I ever bought on vinyl and still smashes the dance-floor today. This one will never leave the bag.


Alix Perez & Sabre – Solitary Native

Nothing but soul on this track. Still cuts deep with some old school Perez sampling.


PLASMA001 is out later this month on Plasma Audio.