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Five Steps: Nymfo

Five Steps: Nymfo
Jack Smith

Since his debut release in 2007 Bardo Camp aka Nymfo has not only engineered some of the finest ‘rollers’ to grace the scene to date but has also cemented himself as one of its finest DJs, especially when championing the physical format. Lining up his seventh release on Klute‘s Commercial Suicide this week – ‘Headbangers Ball’ / ‘Beep’ – and as always its an education in restrained minimalism and measured aggression, with a smattering of the all-important funk that has defined Nymfo’s discography to date. We got in touch with Bardo as he returns from his tour of the US to give us his Five Steps, from his early experiences with UK pirate radio shows and collaborations with fellow Dutch native Icicle through to Klute’s continued support and making the switch to Ableton Live.


Step 1: Origins

I grew up in a small town called Weert and at the time we didn’t have an internet connection or anything. But I remember swapping mix-tapes on the streets of recordings from pirate radio shows from the UK. Mixes from DJ Sy, Hype, Andy C etc. When I was 15 I went shopping in Eindhoven (15km up north) and bought my first jungle compilation CD! First track on this CD was Randall & Andy C – Sound Control… I still have this CD and play it in the car sometimes when I drive home after a gig.


Step 2: Introducing

I was trying to be a bedroom rockstar already for years, but when I hooked up with Icicle (we both lived in Eindhoven at that time), he helped me a lot with producing. The first track we did was ‘Shadows of Tomorrow’ which came out on Critical Recordings. My first solo track was ‘Cybernetic Disorder’ and it also got a release on Critical. At that time I really liked the rollers and steppers with warm Bristol-esque basslines.


Step 3: Foundation

For me [the track that got me the most recognition] was ‘Matchstick’ on Commercial Suicide. When I wrote that tune I really found my own sound I think and it got a really big response in the scene. Klute wanted to sign some of my music for a while at that time but hadn’t found the right tune to fit the label. I remember sending him ‘Matchstick’ and I’ve never had such a quick reply from him since then! I think he even send me a text message saying that he really liked the tune haha!


Step 4: Present

I really like producing music, but I also like travelling the world and testing new material. I’m just back from an awesome tour in the US and played a lot of my own new tunes and tunes I’m feeling at the moment. On the DJ front February is a bit quiet but that means I’ve got more studio time to play around with. So it’s good to have weekends off, because I want to have a social life as well!


Step 5: Future

I want to talk about ‘Headbangers Ball’ which is coming out on 10th February on Commercial Suicide. It’s the first tune I wrote and completed 100% in Ableton, before that I was working partly in Reason and partly in Ableton. So for me it was a big step and I’m very happy with the result and feedback, and sound-wise it’s a bit different and harder from my usual style as well… for me it’s a special tune because of the full time switch to Ableton.


Nymfo – Headbanger’s Ball / Beep is out now on Commercial Suicide, grab your copy from the official Commercial Suicide store.