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Digging Deep: Akito

Digging Deep: Akito
Jack Smith

London-based club night turned record label Sub Skank has been reaping the success of its foray into music distribution, pushing the sound it had been championing since its embryonic days as a radio show. Fast forward to 2014 and its third release comes just as correct as the two preceding, with founding member Akito and his Metamessage EP stepping to the fore – a wondrous marriage of all things UK Funky, Grime and Dancehall. Four cuts worth of sizzling beats just as the label name suggests… We thought it apt to catch up with the man himself as he delves into his Digging Deep – his seven essential records. Happy listening people!


Apple – De Siegalizer

This record single handedly kicked off my whole UK Funky obsession from the late 2000’s and on wards. For at least two years solid I barely listened or played any other genre, that’s why I believe it will always have an outstanding influence in what I do musically from production to mixing, the rhythms just get me every time, it’s difficult to not have a little skank.


Marlon D – Jesus Creates Sound

I’m a big fan of drum tracks, infatuated at the least, totally love making edits and mixing with them. I chose this specifically because I play it in one of many forms on a regular basis, from the main mix to numerous edits. If I had to choose any other drum tracks the first few that spring to mind are: Dolo Percussion’s ‘Dolo 1’, Wiley’s classic ‘Ice Rink’ and Neana’s relentless ‘Bow Kat’.


Akito – Metamessage

I selected this song because I had sent it out to a couple DJs not thinking much of it but interest and DJ support picked up pretty rapidly which gave me the confidence and motivation to make more and more music, was over whelming for some one who thought he was pissing in the wind, I’m very grateful and can’t see myself stopping, so thank you.


Kamikaze – Ghetto Kyote

The sound track to my secondary school days, non-stop gun finger in the air Grime trax occasionally backed by the teacher yelling to take your earphones out, ‘Ghetto Kyote’ got selected on the basis that it’s quite pleasant yet preserves a roughness, which is how I remember my early encounters with Grime, the genre will always be an influence in my music, not always sonically but in attempting to capture a similar level of energy.


Clams Casino – I’m God

I could do a whole digging deep on this guy’s music; I admire the DIY ethic, rugged and arguably technically unsound mixing techniques, the distorted echo’s of retuned vocals and dust encrusted samples, it all adds to its greatness, this song particularly stands out for me, taken from his ‘Instrumental Mixtape 2’. Clam’s has taught me indirectly to do my own thing and not meet the potential limitations of external expectations.


Lisa-Lisa and Cult Jam – I Wonder If I Take You Home

This is a guilty pleasure for sure, it was between this and Evelyn Champagne King’s ‘Love Come Down’ but Lisa-Lisa’s naivety stole the spot, there’s not much for me to say about this song, I haven’t quite figured out my fixation. Just don’t tell any one I like it.


Sizzla – Dry Cry

Any time I feel down I throw this on, when I’m drunk I’ll sing every last word, when I’m happy I’ll smile, raise a gun finger and boogie, my all time feel good anthem, Sizzla’s pain has paved an avenue to 3:54 minutes of happiness and countless smiles, cheers bruv.


Akito – Metamessage EP is out now on Sub Skank. Check the artist’s Digging Deep selection in this one handy playlist.