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Five Essentials: Dexta & Hyroglifics

Five Essentials: Dexta & Hyroglifics
Jack Smith

It’s fair to say that over the years since we first began shifting our musings on music, Diffrent Music has remained a constant. A label showcase mix here, release of the week there: we’ve had nothing but pure love for Diffrent’s output. So it’s with great pleasure that we find ourselves face-to-face with another killer single, this time from Diffrent frontman Dexta and label newcomer Hyroglifics. ‘Boxgroove’ debuted by Rockwell in his BBC Radio 1 slot and it’s easy to see why with its scatty breaks and analog bass, a true mover and one of the finest exponents of this new-school footwork aesthetic of recent times. The single’s two other cuts are razor-sharp too: ‘Move Over’s confident swagger and ‘The Dogz’ Paradox-esque choppage come together to form a rather tantalising package of beats and bass as a whole. So listen, enjoy, and prosper… here’s Dexta and Hyroglifics Five Essentials.







So Solid Crew – Oh No [Paper Money]

I think this came out around 2000, what can I say? Romeo went in on the mic, the tune was vibes, and got a lot of people talking! I really liked the fact that this was a group of youths, that came together to do something bigger than they could imagine, also I recently sampled the drums from this track.


DJ Zinc – 138 Trek [True Playaz]

This record, I first heard on Pure Garage II CD back in 2000. I’d been a heavy fan of Garage for a few years which inspired me to get into DJing. This track stood out for me, and kinda planted the seed for a crossover in taste to Drum&Bass music.


Lynx – Disco Dodo [Creative Source]

This was a massive marmite anthem in 2007, I think that slowly over the years more and more people have taken a liking to this piece of work and Lynx as an artist. My DJ partner at the time (DJ Strict) brought this on radio when it just came out on promo, and I was blown away. It was totally ‘out there’ and new, fresh. I was use to standard hitting beats and big basslines, this one basically changed the game.


Instra:mental – Hunter [Soul:R]

This came out in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2010 when I first heard it, or it stood out to me, DJ Billion (Fathom Audio) did a special ‘Diffrent Music’ mix with Sense, and he literally let this one fire off, to me, it wasn’t D&B, it was just this amazing artwork, the soundscape, drums and bass­line were truly special, without this track I think my taste would have directed miles off!


Danny Scrilla – X [Cosmic Bridge]

This came out in 2012 on Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge label. I can’t remember how I first heard it, but it kicked off my 2013 mix­tape series “Dexta’s Lab”. Again, this isn’t D&B music, and I’m not just about D&B music. This fits into my set a lot more easier than most of the D&B music that’s ever seen the light of day. I love the space that’s been created, the basic 303 bass­line progression, and almost Hip­Hop style drum patterns.








Eveson – Kodama [Fabric London]

Thought i’d start this off with some drum & bass, this track was from the fabriclive CD that LTJ put together and was the first drum and bass tune i had ever heard. I used to play this along with the rest of the CD in the car all the time as it would just roll out forever. The eerie pipes in the breakdown are just so awesome and sinister sounding when they come in, and are still so sick today!


The Bug feat. Flowdan & Killa P – Skeng [Hyperdub]

Big tune, always goes off. Flowdan is the man.


Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cay’s Crays (Digital Mystikz Remix) [Kartel Creative]

Hearing this for the first time last year on a huge rig at Outlook surrounded by sweaty ravers was just awesome! The vocals paired with the sub when it comes in is too good.


Commodo – $pace Cash [Deep Medi Music]

This is such a big track! Easily my favourite tune from Commodo, he’s such a sick producer, everything in this tune just works together so well.


Pearson Sound – Quivver [Nonplus]

Hearing this at Boileroom for the time was incredible, the way it builds throughout is so cool and then these huge chords come in on the breakdown and then its switches up again. I had to go straight home after and get my hands on it.


DIFF021 is out now on Diffrent Music as an exclusive to their store and it’s moving quick – cop it here before it’s all gone. You can also check Dexta and Hyroglifics’ Five Essentials in this one handy playlist.