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State of Play: Samurai Music, Auxiliary & Nuage are running the 170bpm multiverse this month

State of Play: Samurai Music, Auxiliary & Nuage are running the 170bpm multiverse this month
Matt Clough

And so it is, here we are in the month of March: a month which marks the beginning of an invariable wasteland for new releases as the scourge that is Record Store Day clogs up pressing plants across the land. Major labels re-issue/re-press/re-whatever records (with the exception of Run the Jewels, Utopia OST 2 and the Machinedrum remixes which for me anyway are worthy additions). Fear not, there’s still enough going on in the 170 multiverse for another edition of State of Play….

Starting at an all too familiar location for this feature is the beacon of quality that is Samurai Music, who once again delivers both quality and quantity in abundance this month along with a promising outlook for the remainder of 2015. This month sees the focus shift to the ever popular Horo Series with the release of Pact Infernal ‘The Descent – Chapter 1’ EP and the represses of Tokyo Prose & Fis – ‘The Truths/The Dares‘ (HORO001) and Fis – ‘Duckdive’ EP (HORO007) leaving latecomers to the series rejoicing and certain Discogs sellers crying into their marbled vinyl and the missed opportunity of extorting music lovers globally. The coming months look bright for Samurai with releases from Falling Skies, Pessimist (Samurai Music), Sam KDC, ENA, Theme (Samurai Red Seal) and goodness knows whats to come next on Horo and the mythical Horo:EX project. Serving as a taster, Pact Infernal have provided the first in the Horo Vision podcast series which is certainly one not to be missed.

Moving swiftly onto another label leading the pack in the unclassifiable realm of 170, Auxiliary have launched the beginning of Phase 3 with the highly anticipated Veil/Unveil Issue 3 featuring new material from ASC, Synth Sense, Sam KDC and Method One. It’s been a long time coming for some output from the Auxiliary crew but this EP shows it’s more than worth waiting for. Nobody quite does sonic soundscapes like Auxiliary – further detailed in the latest edition of the Auxcast, Phase 3 Episode 3. As always it’s an almost dream like journey through this select group’s compositions, there aren’t enough words to accurately describe how stunning this is. Go listen to it. Now. It’s the only way.

Last but by certainly no means least is a crowd funded project from Nuage on Indiegogo to get twelve of his previously digital-only works released onto a 3 x 12” LP entitled Cloud Maps. Now this is a project I have a lot of time for, considering it’s based on fans asking for certain tracks on vinyl which is a constant occurrence (or annoyance for most producers/labels) and it gives people the chance to support a project and get what they want without leaving the producer/label out of pocket if it doesn’t sell. Put simply, there should be more of this in the world of record buying, it’s a breath of fresh air to have someone attempt to appease the fans. The project runs until 5th April and is currently at the 28% mark so if it’s something that is of interest, put your money where your mouth is.


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