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Catching up with Remi Mazet as he readies his deep and driving new live show

Catching up with Remi Mazet as he readies his deep and driving new live show
David Clayton

French-born London resident Remi Mazet has been on a steady yet consistent rise to prominence over the past couple of years, with vibesy releases on Jamie Jones and Lee Foss Hot Waves compilations Volume 2 and 3. His collaboration with long time inspiration Guilhem Monin, a driving cut of playful party house, was one of the standout tracks on the third installment.

Since then Remi has seen releases on Halucienda, La Vie En Rose and Colors, the latter being Colors’ debut release the heavy hitting future disco EP, I Felt This Way Before.

We caught up with Remi, before his exuberant live set in London at Nofitstate’s Bank Holiday Special Part 1, alongside Point G, Franck Roger, Geddes & many more. For your chance to win 2 tickets to see Remi and the rest of the crew, jump over here!

What made you make the move from France to London?

London is such a vibrant city, when I first came to visit I knew I wanted to live here.

What drew you into the electronic scene and making dance music?

When I moved here 7 years ago, the vibe in the parties was something special and it really had an impact on me. I remember going to Kubicle at Public Life, the atmosphere was insane and the music superb, from that moment I started to want to get involved.

Who has had the biggest influence on the music you make?

I could name so many bands or producers that influenced me, but if I have to name just a few I would name the DJ’s that introduced me to the music I’m making today. These would be FB Julian, Johnny Rock, Craig Richards, Guilhem Monin and Matlar.

You’ve released with Hot Waves, La Vie En Rose, Halucienda and more recently Colors, can you tell us what’s in-store for the future?

One of my songs will be out soon on a Vice and Virtue compilation, for the rest of the year I’m working on an EP for Nifu Nifa Record, a cool label that aims to help kids around the world providing them an education. I’m also working on another EP for a new french label called Picture Perfect Recording, and I’m preparing a new EP to be released on Colors around the end of the year. This is all I can talk about for now but there are some other releases yet to be confirmed.

Tell us more about your live set; what’s your set-up? Do you mainly play your productions or do you incorporate other tracks?

I play only my own productions. The set-up is simple for now, I use Ableton with a couple of controllers and a mixer sometimes. I do not bring my other studio gear to gigs yet but I will in a soon future. I also plan to play live alongside other musicians.

What do you enjoy most when playing your live set?

I enjoy the connection I make with every single individual in the crowd, when this connection is strong they let you take them on a journey.

Do you play in London often? When can we next see you play?

I play here regularly, not as much as some local DJ’s because I only play live. My next gig in London will be for Nofitstate on May the 3rd. The spot is great, the line up superb and it’s a bank holiday daytime party so I’m really looking forward to this one!

Win 2 tickets to Nofitstate’s May Bank Holiday Special on Sunday 3rd May by clicking here.