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Jack Smith

Having featured this talented Austrian back in April on the eve of his first release on fledgling new label Deep Field Audio, Double Helix returns to the fold with another expertly calculated slice of tech Drum & Bass in the form of ‘Leviathan’ / ‘Microgravity’. We caught up with Flo following on from the release, who gave us his Five Essentials – five tracks that have helped to shape his approach to music and life in general.

Amon Tobin – Journeyman

It´s hard to describe Amon Tobin, he is so far ahead of everything. Experiencing ISAM Live was a very transcending experience, and it went so much further from what I thought it was possible to be deemed possible. Journeyman is an amazing world of beautiful harmonics and sounds. Definitely worth a try!

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Noisia – Exodus

This is the most epic tune I can think of. It just blew my mind. Such a fantastic intro with its beautiful harmonics, smashed by these crawling basses that tell you something big is coming. And then this complex structure of sound just drops over you. In the middle part comes this organic halftime thing before it rises again, and not to forget the chorus in the end!

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Phace – Cold Champagne

I remember I first heard Cold Champagne when I was driving in my car, listening to Noisia’s fabric live mix, and suddenly this tune drops. It´s so warm and full of little harmonic layers, like these percussions in the reverb, and the bass is always evolving and pushing forward. I especially like the drive that comes in this track.

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Spor – Clarets March

That’s one of the most ‘forward thinking’ tunes I know. The arrangement is amazing, always progression somewhere, though I really understood it when I heard it in the club the first time. I was overwhelmed by this big, organic sound. There´s also so much love in the details, just amazing. Not to mention this outstanding groove…

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Squarepusher – Tetra-Sync

Tetra-Sync is the story of a build-up. The harmonics are stunning, always going in circles but never coming back to the same point. And then at 6:45 comes the break into this big room so that the finale can come. Classic!

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Double Helix – ‘Leviathan’ / ‘Microgravity’ is out now on Deep Field Audio, which you can purchase direct from the label’s official Bandcamp store.