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Five Essentials: Danny Scrilla

Five Essentials: Danny Scrilla
Adam Tiran

With man of the hour Om Unit having recently dropped the excellent Cosmology compilation on his own Cosmic Bridge Records, that label, which has become synonymous with experimentalism and forward-thinking beatsmithery in recent years, has jumped right back into the limelight once again.

Featuring tracks from old school dubstep dons Kromestar and Boxcutter, early slow/fast proponents Danny Scrilla and EAN, and Om Unit himself, the album is a weighty batch of progressive digi-dubs and soundscapes that have only served to further blur the lines between these artists’ diverse musical beginnings.

As such, we got Danny Scrilla in to discuss some of his more recent revelations in another Five Essentials

Garnett Silk – Bless Me

One of Reggae music’s greatest voices gone too soon. I remember buying a compilation of Killamanjaro Garnett Silk Dubplates when I was about thirteen and it absolutely blew me away. Every tune on there is an instant classic.

Ruff Sqwad – Pied Piper

Probably one of the first Grime tracks I’ve come in contact with. Incredibly underproduced but extremely captivating. I know I’m going to have this melody stuck in my head for the next couple weeks just thinking about this one.

Mala – Lean Forward

Instantly fell in love with this tune the first time I heard it. Completely stripped back but weighty with a nod towards Jamaican music; an aesthetic I try to incorporate in my own music a lot. I don’t see this one ever getting old.

Bullion – Get Familiar

A friend of mine, Flo Alike from Bogaloo Radio, who helped me mixing down my first tunes introduced me to this track. I still play it my sets nowadays. It’s one of those that never really leaves the crate; timeless in my opinion.

Om Unit & Kromestar – Solar Cycle

A little bit of a biased choice here but these two guys have been a huge influence to the music I’m creating right now. I think the first time I heard „Solar Cycle“ was during one of Jay Scarlett’s sets, who then later introduced me to Om Unit. Once again a piece of music I see myself playing for many years to come.

Cosmology is out now on Cosmic Bridge’s Bandcamp.

Image: Alice Pardis photography