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Five Essentials: Grum

Five Essentials: Grum
Adam Tiran

Bursting onto the disco-house scene in the late 2000s, Scottish producer Grum has made a strong case for the reinvigoration of an italo-esque, trance-inspired sound with a solid range of solo productions and substantial remix work over the past few years.

Trance? In 2014, I hear you say? We found it hard to believe too, but there’s no denying the traction his recent releases on his own label Heartbeats have received in the global dance music space, most notably his exceptionally well-received 2010 LP of the same name.

Three years on and with his second album Human Touch on the horizon, Grum’s name has exploded back into consciousness following substantial radio playlisting on Annie Mac‘s Radio 1 show and high-profile support in the shape of Sasha, Hot Since 82 and Groove Armada.

As such, we got the Scotsman in for a quick chat to lay down his five essential tracks of the moment for an insight into the mind of this re-emergent revivalist.

Solar Plexus – Solar Plexus

Trance is a bit of a dirty word now, but in ’92 this was blowing minds.  A simple chord sequence, arpeggio and ethereal vocal take you up to the clouds.  Wish I was there back then to experience this one.

Chable & Bonnici – Ride

Big big house tune from the mid 2000’s, which was partly responsible for me falling in love with dance music.  I like how it combines subtle, twisting melodies and a huge playful bassline to take you on a bit of a journey.

Bedrock – For What You Dream Of (Full on Renaissance Mix)

This tune was a bit before my time (I was 7 when it was released) but it’s a progressive classic.  It has an amazingly raw energy about it while intricately weaving loads of elements together, leading to a roof raising chord sequence at the end.

Orbital – Halcyon

I went to see Orbital for the first time at Warehouse Project a couple of years ago, having loved this tune for so long.  All I can say is, it was a very special moment.

Spada & Emmanuel – Primavera (Petar Dundov Remix)

This one’s a bit more recent – using an unusual time signature and blissful arps to create something far greater than it’s component parts.  A beautiful, hypnotic club record.

Human Touch is out on Heartbeats on April 14th.