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Illum Sphere takes Second Sight on Ninja Tune

Illum Sphere takes Second Sight on Ninja Tune
Katie Rowley

Ryan Hunn tends to go in with full effect whatever he’s doing – whether remixing Radiohead, or releasing his enigmatic debut LP Ghosts of Then and Now, or imbibing his club night posters for Fabric and Hoya:Hoya with such deep inter-textuality that it’d take a final year art-history student to fully understand their meaning.

It comes as no surprise that Illum Sphere’s return-track ‘Second Sight’ sounds pretty good on first listen. Half a dozen different beats are energetically hung around the simple three notes that structure the track, carving a broody and repetitive sound – a skilful composition that is controlled and heavy, but one which never lags. At its start there are hints of Artful Dodger-esque garage to the synth work and the throwback drums sound like they might almost be about to break into The Human League. Allusion is key here. ‘Ritual’ on the flip is a warped groove that contrasts with the lead track and shows how Illum Sphere might bookend one of his regular club nights – from urgent techno-house through to slowed down easy electronica.

The new release is a short but fitting sample from the man who excels in eclectic hand to a range of projects, from remixing for Radiohead and Zed Bias, to heading his own record label Hoya: Hoya, to hosting club nights in Manchester of the same name.

Illum Sphere – ‘Second Sight’ is out Feb 19th on Ninja Tune. Grab your copy via the label’s official webstore.