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Preview: Gottwood & Houghton

Preview: Gottwood & Houghton
Jack Smith

The team behind arguably the most potent weekenders on the UK circuit in 2018 – Gottwood and Houghton – are gearing up for another mind-bending double header this summer. Here we cast a beady eye on both ahead of the ensuing scramble for the latter’s general release tickets on 2nd Feb.

First up, it’s Gottwood. Situated deep within Anglesey’s picturesque countryside, the boutique festival is as elusively popular as it has ever been since a capacity cap ensured undiluted hedonism forever (amen to that). As per, a host of international talent has been announced for the 2018 edition. Willow, Avalon Emerson, DMX Krew and Africaine 808 all make their debut, whilst regulars Hunee, Jackmaster and Move D – who’ll be clearing his schedule for another impressive 4-set weekend no doubt – will feature prominently throughout the weekend too. There’s of course so many more which we won’t arbitrarily list here, but make no mistake – miss this at your peril.

Secondly, it’s this little shindig called who, how… Houghton! If you’re reading this we’re already preaching to the choir, but just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, read our 2017 review to get yourself up to speed. (Spoiler alert: it’s the best festival since sliced… festivals). And similarly to its elder cousin Gottwood, you’ll need to move quickly to ensure your ticket’s in the bag. It’ll sell out within a week, trust.

And why wouldn’t it with Craig Richards at the helm? Once again Fabric’s maestro-in-residence heads up curation, and once again the lineup is looking positively mouth-watering with Zip, Objekt and Andrew Weatherall just a very small pick of the bunch from an overwhelming array of artists. It’s an understatement to say we’re ridiculously excited for another round-the-clock woodland dance. Whoever secured another 24-hour license deserves a medal.

God speed, Great British Summertime.

For more info and tickets, click Gottwood and Houghton here.