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UE.48: Liam van Ryn

UE.48: Liam van Ryn
Jack Smith

An alumnus of Gilles Peterson‘s Future Bubblers project, Liam van Ryn combines rhythmic textures and cinematic soundscapes to captivating effect.

Self-releasing your debut EP is a hell of a bold move in today’s over-saturated digital age, and one that takes a great deal of confidence in your own ability. But this is no ordinary debut. Indeed, Serendipity revels in distancing itself as far away from ordinary as possible. “I was interested in the way I could make the music sound slightly unnatural,” explains Liam, “or like it couldn’t be played by a real musician.” And so, each of its four tracks treads the line between organic and synthetic, stability and irregularity. A contradictory style that counts the likes of Nathan Fake, Tom Ravenscroft and Tessela as fans.

There’s an ironic formality to the fact that the forty-eighth, and most experimental, UE podcast clocks in at forty-eight minutes itself. But that’s where such consistency ends. Here Liam delves deep into his taste for the ethereal, presenting a podcast full of disparate, otherworldly sounds from electronic, soundtrack, gaming and beyond.

Liam van Ryn – Serendipity is out now. Pick up a physical copy via his official Bandcamp store.