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Digging Deep: Arkaik

Digging Deep: Arkaik
Jack Smith

Having been waiting a good long minute since the release of his last EP almost one and a half years ago, it seems Arkaik has been holding his cards very close to his chest. I can almost forgive Diffrent when the result is as good as this – The Hustle EP is possibly Arkaik’s strongest yet, a four-track exercise in pinpoint aggression that surely now places the artist at the very top of this game we call ‘minimal’. Turns out he’s big on his vinyl too.. So we thought it apt to ask him down for the latest in our Digging Deep series – a journey through his collection, a prime selection that has most informed his approach to mixing, production and everything in between.


Sabre – Old Flame (SGNLTD 004)

After a few years of mixing I was fully immersed in rolling liquid drum and bass and this was The Tune. I have to say I’ve played this tune more than any other in my collection and still draw for it today.  The sampling on this and all of Sabre’s production is exceedingly clever. Samples cut from “Miles Davis – My Funny Valentine”.

Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria (VRS005)

This one I managed to bag for £1 after one of my friends was getting rid of his collection back in 2006 – also got Sick Note for £1 as well both those vinyl are very cherished. After buying that it made me expand my Ed Rush n Optical collection tenfold.

DJ Shadow – Midnight In A Perfect World (MW059)

I love a lot of DJ Shadow’s stuff but this has to be the favourite. Whenever I listen to it it takes me back to a little beach in Ko Pag Nam. If I ever need to relax I draw for this one!

Bad Company – 4 Days

This tune just smashes it in the mix. Out of all my Bad Company collection this has to be the one I have played most, had to get a new copy as the old one was sounding ragged.

Calibre – Our Love (CRSE 002LPS2)

This was one of the tunes that got me into into drum and bass.  I remember when I found out the name of this tune after hearing it in copious mixes and somehow managed to get a copy.

Icicle – Spartan (SHA022)

This one has the most battered case out of all my tunes, I have played this out many a time and still goes down well now. This tune is my favourite Icicle track and it has huge impact in the mix. Used to play this a lot back when I was a resident at Bassment in Reading, Berkshire.


Arkaik – The Hustle EP is out now on Diffrent Music. Get yours via Diffrent’s official store.