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Digging Deep: Doorly

Digging Deep: Doorly
Jack Smith

Stepping up to the table for this week’s Digging Deep is Cajual and Dirtybird associate and all-round bass-house maestro Doorly.

Taking us through the most treasured records in his collection ahead of his appearance at Croatia’s Hideout this year, Doorly comes correct with an eclectic, eccentric, and downright wavy selection with cuts from Brazil, Munich, and err.. Glasgow! Happy listening people.

Eugene Record – Here Comes The Sun

Straight from the erection section of my sex playlist!

Joao Bosco – Bala Com Bala

I’m a huge fan of Brazillian music, this is probably my favourite, it follows no structure and there’s loads of fun weird shit going on throughout. It’s a little dark as well.

Golden Teacher – Like a Hawk

These guys rule in this arena, I think they’re from Glasgow, also check out ‘Double Bump’.

Phil Collins – Easy Lover (Played at 33 instead of 45 on a vinyl turntable)

Nobody loves a bit of Yaught rock more than me! And this is one of my all time winners. However when it’s an “all back to mine” session at my place and we’re all feeling a bit trippy I enjoy playing this record at the wrong speed on a turntable, why not try it yourself sometime!

Air – Moon Safari (Album)

This is my go-to after-hours trippy chillout album. Absolute genius.

Out Hud – Put It Away Put It Away Dad 

Annnnnnnd weirdest track name ever goes to……..  but it’s also a mental track and a guaranteed club banger.

Ali Love – K Hole

Story of my life.

Harold Faltermayer – Axel F

It doesn’t get any better than this! I own 17 copies on vinyl just in case!

See Doorly at Hideout 28th June – 2nd July, for more information and tickets check the festival’s official website.