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Five Essentials: Phil Gerus

Five Essentials: Phil Gerus
John Donovan

A musician at heart, Phil Gerus’ heady and at times emotive fusion of cassette pop, house, soul and funk, has seen release on the likes of Sonar Kollektiv, ManMakeMusic, Symbols and Bastard Jazz.

A Moscow native, the young Gerus trained in classical piano, and early on began to draw influence from his parents’ musical tastes, including the likes of Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett. This jazz immersion pervades all of Gerus’ work, and his new outing on the eminent and inexorable soul train Futureboogie is no exception.

Garnering support from the likes of Tom Trago, Brett Johnson, William Kouam Djoko, Moxie, Geddes, B.Traits, Severino, Jasper James, Red Rack’em and Groove Armada to name a few, the record is lively, warm, and full to the brim with funk licks, synth riffs, authentic 80s vibes and bass-slapping boogie.

We asked Phil to share his Five Essentials, in which he shows his true disco-indebted colours with this sexy dancefloor bunch.

Mysterious U, has done some serious work with samples on this one. I love the progression, he is not keeping one element playing for that long and still makes it grooving till the end.

Chaka Khan – I Feel For You
Im after that harmonica instrumental passage, sounding very much like Stevie Wonder. Still “wonder” if that’s him.

Kashif – Lover Turn Me On 
It’s an obvious choice for those who love the early 80’s sound. It’s got some proper woodblocks working there throughout the track. The arrangement is very much up to date I must say.

D Train – I’ll Do Anything
This belter right here rocks every time I play it. The punchy claps and claves do the job. The synth work is terrific as well!

Missy Eliot – Remember When 
It’s not a club banger, more on the “lay down” kinda tip. First time I heard it on the radio in the hotel room in Tokyo about a year ago! I’ve never been a fan of her music though but this track really impressed me.

Phil Gerus – Now Is Gone EP is out now on Futureboogie.