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Jack Smith

Following on from his release on Chemical Ally’s fledgling label Rooted Recordings, Ukrainian badman Fade drops in with his interpretation of our new ‘Five Steps’ feature. Step right up people…



Step 1: Origins

“I can’t really say – this was a long time ago! One of the first DnB tracks I ever heard was Aphrodite – Ready Or Not. My friend introduced it to me when I was at university back in 2003 and I was really taken by this vibe. After that I’ve been to hundreds of parties, listened to thousands of tracks… that’s how I flowed into the DnB culture.”


Step 2: Introducing

“One of my first tracks was Druid released on Sinuous Audio – it had positive feedback from Raiden and Kano which really made me happy and I realized I was moving in the right direction. Every new track is a chance to improve your sound and technique.

Usually I create music in my home studio using a Macbook Pro, M-Audio Audiophile FireWire sound card and Yamaha HS80 studio monitors. The creation of the track usually starts with drums and the main part comes in the process. Usually my own feelings and impressions play a very important part in this, and it usually takes 5-8 hours for me to create a track and then a few more for the mixdown. If this takes more than couple of days, there is a 90% chance that the track will never be completed.

My influences are Stephan Bodzin, Jeff Mills, Glenn Wilson, Dave the Drummer, Richie Hawtin and others.”


Step 3: Foundation

“I think that one of the key tracks that made my name was Plazma created in collaboration with the True Renegades guys. They sent me a demo and I suggested working together on the track since I really liked its creativity. Subsequently it was released on Renegade Hardware together with my track Bloodline.”


Step 4: Present

Fade – Insider – Rooted Recordings

“Chemical Ally actually really liked that track and wanted to release Insider as part of the label’s first release.

My first track was created on a PC using headphones. As time has moved on I’ve added studio monitors, a Mac and a sound card for my studio, and I plan to buy some more devices for the studio in the near future. Regarding the techno sound – it is really close to me, and that’s why you can find techno elements in almost every track I create.”


Step 5: Future

Fade – Exclusion – Demand Records

“This track is one of my most successful experiments with the sound, it’s one of my most fresh and ‘special’ tracks to date. I guess Drum & Bass is one of the most rapidly evolving electronic-music styles and I hope to bring my contribution to its development.”

And be sure to check out this rather tasty guest mix Fade did for us recently, it’s a beast!