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UE.6: Es.tereo

UE.6: Es.tereo
Jack Smith

Berlin’s Es.tereo remains one of the most engaging artists to emerge of recent years, pioneering the minimal deep sounds at 170 that have been slowly coming to the fore as an alluring alternative to the dancefloor mainstay. His self-described ‘fusion’ of musical influences – complex percussive arrangements married with airy backdrops and a meticulous attention to detail – has reaped dividends, with releases on a plethora of established labels including Absys and Deep Soul Music.

With his debut 12″ set to drop on IM:LTD in the coming weeks, we caught up with the man himself to shed some light on his work and how the release came about, and he also supplies us with the 6th in the Urban Essence Guest Mix series (it’s a beauty…)

Easy Es.tereo! Last time I spoke with you, you were about to play in London with Octane & DLR at Forces Electric. How did it go?

Hi, it was great! The club was cool and I got huge feedback all in all for my set. It was interesting to see how the people reacted with this kind of sound, they where really focused on the music and what´s happening, which is a good sign for me. I had a really great time in London, thanks to the whole Forces Electric crew for everything.


We also talked about your busy release schedule for the rest of the year; surely 2012 has to be the most productive year of your career so far. How much of your time do you commit to music, would you say it’s your main priority in life right now?

I would say it has been my main priority for the last five years; it’s my passion. I spend most of my time in music, searching for new samples, experimenting, trying new ways and listening out for other interesting music. I don´t know where it will take me but it will be good!

You’ve recently been featured in Reza’s influential CX Radio show and a promo mix from Absys Records’ head Sho. Do you feel it’s important to retain this collective of like-minded individuals in pushing the deeper sounds?

I think yes, it´s a good way to be connected and have the same representation of sound aesthetics. It´s a network of people who believe in the music and want to bring these sounds to the people.


Your next release Purple Sky on IM:LTD marks your first foray into 12” territory, congratulations! The title track is rather beguiling if I may say so, tell us about how the release came into shape.

Thank you, yes it´s great to get this one out on vinyl. I have a deep connection to this tune: in the time I wrote it many great and interesting things happened in my life and I was in a perfect state of being, transporting this into my music. I sent it over to IM:LTD and Bastian was totally hooked from the first time he heared it, so he offered me the chance to release it.

Which other artists would you say closely mirror your sound, and who would you like to collaborate with given the opportunity?

I would say: Sam KDC, Felix K, Clarity, Gunston, Reza, Indigo, Nether, ASC and a few more, but those are the ones I’m constantly following. I can’t answer the second part ha!

What’s in the pipeline for you gig-wise? Any UK dates? (Gutted we missed the last one…)

There´s a small Canadian tour that I’ve been planning, which will be confirmed in the near future. Besides that I´m playing b2b with Turrican (the man behind Urban Poetry and co-organizer of the Abyssal Nights), playing from time to time at the About:blank club in Berlin. Other than that, nothing is confirmed but I will play in the UK sooner or later this year again. There will be updates soon.

Finally, what is the one Urban Essential you couldn’t live without?

My Headphones.

UE.6: Es.tereo by Urban Essence on Mixcloud