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Amoss - State of Suspension EP

Amoss – State of Suspension EP
Jack Smith

Metaphorically speaking, Amoss have strolled into the scene with an unassuming ease: their natural talent and technical prowess have seen the duo release on some of the biggest major players including Renegade HardwareHorizons and Dispatch. This month brings their second feature on Ant TC1’s trailblazing label after their appearance on Dabs’ Subsidiary EP in April, with the follow-up State of Suspension EP further justifying not only the lofty heights we have come to expect of the duo but also Dispatch’s serious contention for fine-tuned product superiority.

In lead track ShapeshifterSP:MC’s unmistakle bars float effortlessly over the clicking arrangment, moving into Amoss’ trademark fluctuating subs punctuated by piercing snares and uncomfortable shrills. A deadly simplicity of the Need 4 Mirrors kind.

New Jack Swing introduces trancey diluted chords and tightly processed snares into its sparse build-up, before breaking into its meandering sub and echoing metallic mids presenting a confident swagger that lives up to its title.

Latch pairs the duo with Italian breakthrough artist Dabs, delivering a complex yet uncluttered piece. The opening marries ticking rolls with a delayed fourth hi-hat and chunky drums, whilst the drop displays the impressively layered sub-bass that Amoss have really mastered over the last few years, with Dabs bringing his intelligent fills and ghost snares at the fleet-footed, intriguingly structured second drop.

Rollpipe displays Amoss’ strength in variety, with its windtunnel build up and chopped-up ‘wake up the cutthroat in ya’ vocal, relying on crisp claps and a lingering sub providing a similar menace to Mefjus’ undulating Far Too Close.

The digital exclusive, Tikkd, couples a militant drum roll with a flurry of Virus-esque, growling mid stabs and twinkling percussive elements, presenting an energetic and careful arrangement of parts.

Whilst the EP falls behind the incredibly high bar the duo set themselves with the meticulous tech perfection that was Flex, the collection further reinstates their instinctive feel for what simply works on the dancefloor, straddling the path between a ‘less is more’ simplicity and a thorough consideration for moving arrangements. With an undoubted technical ability and marked carnal aggression, Amoss move effortlessly into what will remarkably be their second full year in the game come September.

Amoss’ State of Suspension EP is out now on Dispatch Recordings.


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