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Clarity & Overlook - Other Sights / Rohypnol

Clarity & Overlook – Other Sights / Rohypnol
Jack Smith

Presha’s reputation for notable tastemaking has evolved even further than Samurai’s catalogue of dynamic, innovative beats, with the final stages of the previous year ushering in a new, yet no less distinguishable side project: the exclusive, vinyl-only Samurai Horo series. Horo has moved forward patiently through two releases of enduring quality – its debut a joint effort from New Zealand’s foremost new talents, Tokyo Prose & Fis, with The Dares / The Truths; whilst its second release offered work from one of the scene’s most talismanic and industrious figureheads, ASC, with No Secrets / Zenith. This pendulum swing between the fledgling and the established has now reversed back again, as HORO003 presents assertive, accomplished tracks from another pair of enviably young artists of exceptional talent, Clarity and Overlook.

Other Sights’ basic yet arresting arrangement can be condensed as a working testament towards the power of a single behemoth of a snare. Bearing Clarity’s signature contemplative industry and churning aggression, the track provides lurking menace by introducing creeking feedback and dissected hi hats to its pervasive wind-tunnel expanse.

On the flip side, the collaborative effort between the two artists is predictably captivating considering their breathless ascent within the scene. Rohypnol’s flitting, indigenous percussive elements reign supreme before delving into its imposing, calculated swagger. Punctuated by swiping mids and an omnipresent hollow cowbell, the track showcases both producers’ clinical attention to detail and sonic captivation.

Attempting to avoid any inclination towards gushing fandom as I’m doing now, Samurai Horo is crucial, the definition of ‘Urban Essential’ if you will. With HORO003, the label continues to prove its flawless triumvirate of music, package and theme: supreme intellectual content from a collection of this generation’s key artists, pressed onto limited edition, hand-stamped 10-inch vinyl whose glorious beauty is a joy to behold, from a label creatively unrestricted yet diligently committed to its vision. There’s certainly something quite special at work here, particularly within this third instalment from two efortlessly engaging young artists sure to become key players in years to come. Some might say they are there already… Future Beats at their finest.

HORO004 has also just been announced, from man of the moment Sam KDC. We’re most excited…

HORO003 is out now.


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