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UE.35: Jon Delerious

UE.35: Jon Delerious
Adam Tiran

Jon Delerious is something of an underground sensation. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Jon has spent the best part of twenty years plying his trade in the deep house arena.

Ever since his first gig back in 1992, Jon has become a true staple within his hometown, through an impressive diligence for DJing and production. It’s perhaps only due to his not being from Detroit, Chicago or any other of those eulogised metropoles, that he’s less of a household name than one might expect. Nonetheless, he’s someone one can have no qualms calling a veteran.

His steady career has long been associated with Luke McKeehan’s Vancouver based Nordic Trax, one of Canada’s most consistent purveyors of house music right across the spectrum. This month, Jon releases the wide-spanning Forage EP, his fifth for the label – and that’s not even counting his 2004 internationally acclaimed full length No Warning.

From the chunky warehouse sound of the title track, to the disco-indebted ‘Cycles’ and the impossibly smooth ‘Sticky’, it’s an EP that covers a whole range of moods and grooves – quite an ambitious concept, if it weren’t done in such convincing style.

Kicking us off for 2016 with a proper bang, Jon drops a joyous, chunky, acid-tinged peak-time mix that almost says – why the hell were you worried about those January blues in the first place?!

Jon Delerious – Forage – Nordic Trax
Art of Tones – Call the shots (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix) – Push Communications
Clavis – Banza – Freerange
Jon Delerious – Cycles – Nordic Trax
Nachtbraker – You’re Out Of Your Element (Detroit Swindle Remix) – Heist
Dj Dozia – Pop Culture (KiNK Remix) – Ovum
Abe Duque – Acid – Abe Duque Records
Nick Curly – Rack and Run – 8Bit
Kiko Navarro – Siempre (Jimpster Remix) – Phonetic
Jon Delerious – Loft – Nordic Trax
Fer Ferrari – Made Of Stardust – Deepclass
Eric Kupper, Kenny Summit, Proper – Over Here (Main Mix) – Classic
Fer Ferrari – Knight Rider (Mr. V Remix) – Deepclass
Roland Knights – Ready to go – Large
Kaylow, Rocco – They Keep Trying (Rocco Deep Mix) – House Afrika
Kapote – Fuck Music – Toy Tonics
Fouk – Lefty’s Bar (Brame & Hamo Remix) – Heist

The Forage EP is out on Nordic Trax this Friday.