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Premiere: Amandra - Matisa Anse

Premiere: Amandra – Matisa Anse
Jack Smith

Ahrpe Records co-founder Amandra navigates a unique space between droning ambience and polyrhythmic funk on Dame De Bahia, his first release to emerge on Italian imprint Obscura. This is the French, Warsaw-based producer’s second album and follows a string of acclaimed EPs on Ahrpe, Semantica, Tikita and Silent Season.

According to the artist “Dame De Bahia is a direct nod to my beloved Mediterranean roots”, and this elegant mystery that the region is synonymous with weaves through the album as its narrative core. A wistful, delicate, and arresting electronic exploration with polarising moods that simultaneously tread the line between summer sunkiss and winter wither, Dame De Bahia is certainly one that rewards the attentive listener with its intricate arrangements and emotional complexity.

Here we present ‘Matisa Anse’ – the perfect encapsulation of the intrigue that engulfs the album as a whole and a suitably optimistic outro to its central themes.

Amandra – Dame De Bahia is out Friday 15th December.