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Premiere: Low Orbit Satellite - Unconscious Minds Club

Premiere: Low Orbit Satellite – Unconscious Minds Club
Adam Tiran

There seems to be a shedload of great dub techno releases floating around in the past few weeks. Rather than us try and make some grand overarching statement about how it’s somehow slipped its way back into vogue, it’s probably fairer to say that it’s one of electronic music’s more evergreen strands that, through its fervent followings in clubs across Scandinavia, Berlin and Russia – places like Tresor and Culture Box – has actually just been quietly getting down to business.

My first encounter with Russian act Low Orbit Satellite came as a result of some late night internet meanderings, when I stumbled across their colossal 2003 reworking of a group called The Coastal Commission that surfaced on the now defunct LA label Pacific Coast House Recordings. With a name like that, I had expected something more along the lines of smooth beach house – but instead was met with one of the most terrifying dub techno tracks I’ve ever heard. On first listen, those stabs struck genuine fear and palpable pleasure into me with equal measure.

There is still mysteriously little to be found online on LOS, so we were pleasantly surprised to receive their latest offering through the inbox recently on a new 12″ on St. Petersburg based imprint and record store MixCult, paired with another beauty from Heavenchord. ‘Unconscious Minds Club’ is certainly the more angsty of the two – but posseses an ethereal mood and driving energy that’s truly captivating.

Out now.