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Digging Deep: Okain

Digging Deep: Okain
Adam Tiran

Parisian producer Okain is no stranger to the groove. Trading in a silky brand of tech-house that’s somewhere between cosmic and cosmopolitan, he’s put out critically acclaimed releases over the course of the last ten years on Tsuba, Ellen Allien‘s Bpitch Control and latterly Seb Zito and Enzo Siragusa‘s London institution Fuse London, with the moody Magic Box EP. 

Based in Berlin since 2011, much of his touring now takes place across the city’s most revered venues with Chalet, Tresor and Renate playing host to the Frenchman most often.

In light of his stand-out feature on the forthcoming EP from Reda Dare and MacManus‘ Signatune Records, we asked Okain to dig deep for a selection of his go-to obscure gems – and it’s a delightfully mixed bag, from Digging Deep favourite Muslimgauze and vintage Romanthony, to transcendental UK tech house from .


Listen: YouTube / Spotify

Muslimgauze – Mumbai Vibe garden

Muslimgauze is a true legend. I got introduced to his music not so long ago and I was so impressed of how advanced his music was for his time. He was also so productive he literally released over 150 LPs in such a short time.

Coon Daddy & D.J. Godfather – See U No Mo

Before I discovered electronic music I was a big hiphop fan. I always liked vocals and MCs. It’s very rare that I like a house or techno track with someone rapping on it but this one is one of the few… If you feel this you can check the whole Databass Catalogue there is plenty of fast and nasty ghetto tech tunes. Especially in the early days of the label.

Disco D – You Need Another Drink – GTI Recordings

There is a video available of this track on YouTube but the uploader recorded the vinyl in 33 rpm instead of the normal 45rpm. I guess he was not used to fast tempo of Ghetto-Tech music! This is a very nice record from the late Disco D who passed away too soon. You can check a live mix of his here if you dig this fast paced style of music.

Romanthony – The Wanderer – Black Male Records

Romanthony was in my opinion one of the best singers our scene has ever had. ‘The Wanderer’ is one of my favourite work from him. A lot of people know the Dixon bootleg but I think the original is untouchable.

A² – True – Groove Pleasure

Uk tech-house from the early days is a huge influence on me and on a lot of people. This gem is not as popular as the more electro influenced tracks from A² but it is such a great track to me.

Sten – Sponk – Sender Records

Sten is an alias from Lawrence of Dial Records. I have been playing it ever since I got the record back in 2004. The bass is weird but it got so much funk. Then the creepy strings come in and it remind me of an old John Carpenter movie. The match between this two elements is quiet unique and unexpected. It s something special and a very under rated track in my opinion.

SGLTLD004 (ft. Reda Dare, Politics of Dancing, Djebali and Okain) is out in May on Signatune Records via Phonica.