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Premiere: Sasaki Hiroaki - Speak

Premiere: Sasaki Hiroaki – Speak
Jack Smith

Even with just a handful of releases to his name, Sasaki Hiroaki‘s style is clear is day. It’s one step removed from The Mole-esque loop psychedelia, but more importantly its tone of pensivity speaks volumes within the realm of house and techno – one which inherently champions those that shout loudest.

To the untrained (or simply impatient) ear, Speak‘s restrained atmosphere could be mistaken for passivity. But using so few elements to evoke complex emotions is no easy feat. The very first bar is almost a deliberately fragmented miscue, like someone who is struggling to voice their emotions when prompted. The track’s considered, unembellished buildup also allows its central theme to take centre stage. For example, you won’t hear a ‘drop’, but you will hear succintly each piece of the puzzle as it’s carefully placed into the arrangement. Caution is key.

Debuting on Anthony & Frazer Campbell‘s thought-provoking, explorative imprint OPEN Recordings with such aplomb suggests that fragility in dance music has the voice to take centre stage in 2018.

 Sasaki Hiroaki – Coincidence EP is out Feb 23rd on OPEN Recordings.