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Review: Sam KDC - Survive/Exist / Erogenous

Review: Sam KDC – Survive/Exist / Erogenous
Matt Clough

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Emotion is not something typically associated with Drum & Bass but neither is Samuel Wood, aka Sam KDC for the uninitiated, your typical producer. Music is written from the soul, deep within the heart to create a truly unique listening experience that mischievously defies typical genre definitions and conventions. As such, it’s fitting that Sam’s latest 12″ finds an adopted home on the suitably forward thinking Samurai Red Seal.

The tracks themselves are testament to the production philosophy and sound design of the artist: “Survive/Exist” pulls at your heart strings with subtle, muffled drums sparring with the intricate, punchy bass line. The reverberated vocals create an over-aweing feeling of desperation and melancholy with an underlying tone of determination.

“Erogenous” is so wrong yet feels so right; it’s a seedy, sleazy affair in every sense of the word. The hypnotic drum arrangement juxtaposes with the funky interchanging melodies and the sporadic guitar riffs that deliver, in this instance given the seedy undertones of the track, the undesirable perception of anticipation combined with pangs of regret.

Atmosphere is a powerful tool utilised by both tracks in such a manner that a dream sequence is born. Different instruments and melodies float in and out all the while contrasting with the crackles and hisses underlying in the background, creating a Burial esque vibe to proceedings.

Sam KDC‘s translation of the daily grind and everyday feelings into flawless musical form is profound. Consequently, this is a divine record that delivers an immensely rewarding experience for the listener. It may not quite be drum & bass but as far as the 85/170 bpm genre goes, this is setting the standard in soulful, emotional music which will remain for years to come.

Survive/Exist / Erogenous is out now on Samurai Red Seal.