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Review: Voigtmann - The Interlude Archives [Yume 002]

Review: Voigtmann – The Interlude Archives [Yume 002]
Rhemayo Brooks

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Half way through last year, Yumé Records introduced itself with a lush and melodic two-track release from Berlin-based producer Neinzer, exhibiting their ethos to put out dreamy and introspective dance music.

This second installment continues in a similar vein of hazy distortions, while also raising the octane levels with some slightly sterner electronic variations. The protagonist is Toi.Toi co-founder Claus Voigtmann who delivers two slices of stripped-down, bass-driven groove on one side, whilst man of the hour Craig Richards remixes on the flip.

Voigtmann has been a rising stock over the past three years and this release represents another big step as he continues to push his own brand of dubbed-out, tech-house experimentations. Fingerpointing is as ethereal as it is forceful; the crisp highs provide a perfect compliment to its stuttering low-end.

Conversely, The Good Ones Go is a jazz infused nod to Detroit’s house traditions, but Voigtmann fills the caucus with beautifully mastered kicks and bass that undulates with swing and soul. The melancholy interludes and electronic chops only add to the track’s charm.

Richards, however, uses the B-side to provide his own, dystopian representations. He violently divorces those humane aspects of Voigtmann’s original, to present a trembling beast. The bass relentlessly rolls and resonates, whilst any chopped allusions are distorted beyond similarity. Twelve minutes of minimal dance floor destruction.

Whilst this is a slight deviation from the first release on this fledgling label, it is also a brave variation, which is reason for excitement. YUME002 is as fearless as it is fearsome – some truly forward-thinking, chest-plate heat.

The Interlude Archives is out on Yume Records on 14th April. Pre-orders here.