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REVIEW: Rounds - Proof EP [LOODMA]

REVIEW: Rounds – Proof EP [LOODMA]
Jack Smith

So we featured another of Loodma‘s illustrious alumni Kaiori Breathe back in May at the time of his wonderful ‘Kokoro’ EP release, an elegantly realised four-track collection that really confirmed our belief in Loodma’s proficient selection and intriguingly strange musical taste. Fast forward to the now, their thirty-sixth outing sitting pretty in the inbox and I have to say they’ve pulled it out the bag once again with wonderful aplomb. British trio Rounds‘ ‘Proof’ EP traverses that precarious line between personal experimentation and genre conformity, and after a few listens through it’s still just a difficult deciphering where it should be placed ‘in the grand scheme of things’. Above all it’s the sound pallet that remains the most engaging, a myriad of musical influences dispersed generously over its six tracks, an effortlessly graceful excursion within the four walls of what we might call ‘future garage’ and ‘ambient electronica’ for lack of a more definite term. When the music is quite this good the inherent need to impose definition is rendered all too obsolete. Breathtaking stuff.



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