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Five Essentials: Sam Russo

Five Essentials: Sam Russo
Adam Tiran

With nine releases under his belt this year, five of which came in a flurry of activity in the last three months, it’s fair to say that Sam Russo has had a solid 2013. Developing on the hypnotic driving sound that characterized his early releases on Leftroom and Off Recordings, Sam has leant increasingly towards the techier end of the sonic spectrum, whilst ensuring he retains that big-room groove that’s so prominent in his basslines.

Arguably his strongest output of the year came in the shape of a 3-track EP for Air London in October, backed up by a predictably sturdy remix from John Tejada. If anything though, Sam outshines the veteran with the acid-tinged beast To The Brink and the ominous slow-burning roller Wanderer, no easy feat when up against a man of Tejada’s experience.

We asked Sam to lay down his essential five tracks for an insight into the musical mind of a tech-house star on the up.

Carl Finlow aka Silicon Scally – The Silent Years (Satamile Records NYC)

I have always been a fan of Carl Finlow. Whether it’s Silcon Scally, Random Factor or just as Carl Finlow his music has influenced and continues to influence my music. The track The Silent Years for me shows just how on point Carl is as a producer and how his music will continue to stand the test of time.

Code 6 – Quad 1  (Nu Groove)

As Code 6, Joey Beltram never failed, Quad 1 is an essential for any music lover.

Monsoon – Healing Hands (Driftwood)

The entire Driftwood back catalogue is stellar. Choosing one that has influenced me the most is a difficult task. Healing Hands is one that never leaves my bag.

Komonazmuk – Bad Apple (Hench)

Pure class, when dusbstep was at its best.

Aphex Twin – Delphium (R&S Records)

Needing no introduction and without doubt a main influence to many submersed in electronic music Aphex Twin. Delphium taken from Selected Ambient Works 85-92 shows just how timeless and influential the music of Richard James is, and it’s just been re-issued via Apollo Records.

To The Brink is out now on Air London.