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ROTW: VA - Evolution Of The Giraffe LP [Diffrent Music]

ROTW: VA – Evolution Of The Giraffe LP [Diffrent Music]
Jack Smith

I’d like to say Diffrent really have stepped it up a gear with Evolution of the Giraffe but that would be a huge disservice to the countless, quality releases to have come from the label since their somewhat telling debut ‘Everyone’s Mad’ back in 2010 (check the VIP here as a bonus on the CD). All in a day’s work really for the Diffrent crew, this VA LP drawing in cuts from label affiliates old and new with no lack in quality whatsoever across its twelve tracks. Razor-sharp production with a staunch allegiance to guttural bass-weight and deliberately ‘broken’ percussive arrangements, Evolution of the Giraffe offers a refreshing mixture of styles and emotional tone: take the vocal-led melancholia of Kolectiv‘s ‘Slow’ over ‘Slugger’s primeval sub-drone, or the beautiful contrast between Fybe:One‘s ‘The Last Minute’ and ‘Physical’ and M-Zine, Scepticz & Mtwn‘s ‘Choices’, both finicky and meticulously structured but decidedly polar in terms of theme and stylistic approach. Such is the Diffrent way… And how many more reasons does this world need for pink records? Behold its glory.




Evolution Of The Giraffe is out now on Diffrent Music. Grab your pink vinyl direct from the label here.