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Jack Smith

Thing‘s been carving quite a name for himself: his explorations around the 170 mark have been both technically polished and wonderfully creative, with each release on his own imprints Dubthing Records and Depthwise Music holding its own as a unique variant of his sound. His latest release on Blu Mar Ten Music is arguably his best yet, pairing militant aggression with acutely sparse arrangements and rolling percussion – certainly another beguiling feather in BMTM‘s already glistening cap. Following on from the release, Thing took the time out to deliver his Five Essentials past and present that have helped shaped his approach to music.

The Orb – Blue Room [Big Life]

Love this tune, ambient echo stuff, a little bit trippy. I was only 8 years old [when I first heard it] and then yeah discovered this tune around 10 years later i think.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”The%20Orb%20-%20Blue%20Room” modestbranding=”1″]

Total Science – Cashflow [Timeless Recordings]

Released on Timeless Recordings, still love this tune. 2001… ‘Cashflow’ is definitely still ahead of its time I think. Deep bassline and rolls so nicely, with ambient atmosphere too, perfect tune!

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Total%20Science%20-%20Cashflow” modestbranding=”1″]

Skeptical – Another World [Exit Records]

Definitely feeling this tune, just so different. A big influence to all producers who love the deeper and more experimental stuff.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Skeptical%20-%20Another%20World” modestbranding=”1″]

Paragon – Heirship [Samurai Music]

This tune! Its like World War 3 or something, can’t really describe it. Completely different from your usual Drum & Bass music, but in a good way 🙂

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Paragon%20-%20Heirship” modestbranding=”1″]

Overlook – Three Shards [Narratives Music]

This tune is like the reincarnation of old school D&B 1996-1999, reminds me Photek. Every tune I’ve heard from him is different and so unexpected, using new and old elements as standard.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Overlook%20-%20Three%20Shards” modestbranding=”1″]


Thing – Renew / Outer Lands is out now on Blu Mar Ten Music.